Meet Donald hannemann

Donald Hannemann is a 27 year U.S. Army Veteran, a proven and experienced leader, with center-right wing views. He will take a passionate voice for Veterans and Blue Collar citizens with a “Wisconsin Truly First” mindset to Madison

“What does WTF mean to me? Well, besides being the first 3 words that come to mind when thinking of our current state of affairs in Washington, it means putting our state and our people TRULY ahead of everyone else in every aspect and make Wisconsin the #1 place to live, work, or retire in the USA.”

– Donald Hannemann

“Wisconsin can do so much more for it’s Veterans. We start by creating better continuity among our County Veteran Service Offices and continuing on to create better health care benefits, better tax breaks and incentives, and removing all the red tape around Veterans accessing their well deserved benefits. Veterans are the reason our country is what it is today and many of them have sacrificed more than we can imagine including their lives to give us the freedoms we have today.”

-Donald Hannemann

Where does don stand on the political spectrum?

Don Hannemann is a conservative that believes in small government and individual rights, that means less taxes and regulations that hurt small business and the working class.


** Tax breaks, incentives, better health care options, and easily accessible resources for Veterans. Wisconsin and our nation as a whole can and should do better for our veterans.

** Make Wisconsin the best state in the nation by creating legislation that incentivizes people to move here through tax cuts and credits for the working class, and improving their quality of life with a better work/life balance.

** Fully Supports 2nd Amendment rights and Constitutional Carry

** Pro life with Adoption and foster home reform. Supports exemptions for any non-censual pregnancies such as rape and incest.

Don is a Proven Leader

“Don Hannemann is a direct and effective leader, always keeping his soldiers informed and ready for any situation. As a platoon sergeant his platoon was trained and prepared for their overseas deployment because of his dedication and expertise.”

~First Sergeant Scharping

“I’d follow you anywhere without question, knowing you always have your soldiers’ best interests at heart.”

~Staff Sergeant Bush

“I belive that Mr. Hannemann’s care, concern and personal sacrifices for the soldiers under his leadership will be applied equally to support his constituents.”

~ Chief Warrant Officer 3 Paulsen